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Journey to Harvest

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It was an irresponsible adventure, a crazy roll of the dice, a sucker's card game.  Everyone who knew this typical suburban family expected them to continue forever living life between the lines---not soaring, without a net, onto a stratospheric tightrope.  But there they flew, leaving the good life and the safe life behind...

Journey to Harvest takes you on the wild and wonderful ride of George and Greta MacLeod and their four children as they leave the suburbs and real jobs behind to pursue the madcap desire of reliving pioneer life, growing great grapes, making distinctive wines, and living forever on 50 abandoned, rocky and hilly acres in California's Sonoma Valley.  Forty years and many wine industry awards later, the land and the family have prospered.  And at age 93, George MacLeod is finally telling the story of how they did it.

Journey to Harvest could be read as a parable for how to live life.  George's dream and enthusiasm lead a reader on a real and humorous journey of a man and his family as they seek a spiritual connection with their land.---Peter Haywood, Winegrower 

George has laid before us a definitive road map complete in revealing the culture of winegrowing and winemaking; the seasons, the complexities, the people and the emotions inherent to the pursuit.  He knows it well because he lives it.---Jeff McBride, Winemaker, Benzinger Family Winery.

Journey to Harvest touching story of George and Greta MacLeod and their realization of a dream to create a life in partnership with family and nature---John Sheela, Founder, Kenwood Winery

Journey to Harvest is romantic, rustic and rewarding!  The fact that I know all of the characters very well made it a special read for me.  It speaks to life framed with life at the MacLeod's Indian Springs Ranch---Dennis Stroud, Vice President, Plata Wine Partners, LLC