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When we began in 1974, there was nothing here but some ancient fruit trees, antique farming equipment, acres of golden grass, and of course, plenty of rocks.

Back then, our family consisted of Greta and George and our four college- and high-school age children, all sharing the same vision that someday, somehow, we were going to find a family ranch and plant a perfect vineyard.  Since that time, we've worked together on every aspect of ranch development, from barn raising, surveying, rock removal, stake driving, vine planting, trellising, vine training, and pruning.  We are now a much larger family of 24, including five members of the fourth generation.  Our family gatherings include meetings where decisions are made and implemented.

With hard work and a lot of heart, our family now produces grapes and award-winning wines for your enjoyment.  Be part of our story by visiting our special vineyard in the Sonoma Valley, meeting our family, and joining in the fun.  We offer excellent tasting tours and a wine club with benefits galore. 

Here's to the magic in every glass.

George and Greta MacLeod

Mission Statement
To grow wine grapes and produce wine sustainably that maximizes the desired varietal characteristics made possible by our unique terroir.

Value Statement
MacLeod Family Vineyard is a four generation family business that grows “Happy Vines” that produce high quality grapes and award-winning wines. Our family is dedicated to nurturing and protecting the land, water, and air through sustainable practices. We actively support our community and strive to build close relationships with our Wine Association members.

MacLeod Family Vineyard is the realization of a family dream. We set out to have our own family vineyard business, to be our own bosses, to grow top quality grapes that make award-winning wines, and to work together as a family, all while creating resources and opportunities for future generations. Our goal is to grow grapes and make wine sustainably that express the unique terroir of our Sonoma Valley vineyard.