' MacLeod Family Vineyard - Family Bios

Family Bios

George MacLeod
It was an irresponsible adventure, a crazy roll of the dice and a sucker’s card game.  Those who knew this typical suburban family, George and Greta MacLeod and their four young children, expected them to continue forever living life between the lines, not soaring without a net but there they flew.  Leaving a good job and safe life behind, they wanted to pursue the madcap desire of reliving pioneer life, growing great grapes, making distinctive wines and yes, living forever on 50 abandoned rocky and hilly acres in Sonoma’s Valley of the Moon.  Forty years later with many vineyard and wine quality awards, the family has prospered.  George and Greta now married 66 years continue learning to grow great grapes and make great wines.

Marjorie MacLeod
Marjorie met her future husband, John, while working for Chevron as a communications specialist. She married into the MacLeod Family some 25 years ago. When George and Greta asked for help with the day-to-day operations of the ranch, John and Marjorie jumped at the chance. Marjorie graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a degree in Social Welfare. She holds a Masters in Social Work from San Diego State University. At first glance, these two degrees may not appear at all valuable to the growing of grapes and the making of wine. However, certain of her education and skills have been utilized repeatedly to welcome guests to the ranch, organize events, coordinate many aspects related to bottling and kegging, conduct tours and tastings and sell the family’s end product, MacLeod Family Vineyard wine.

Rich MacLeod
Richard directs all winemaking efforts for MacLeod Family Vineyard. Richard holds a Masters in Post Harvest Plant Physiology from the U.C. Davis. For over 38 years, Rich has worked in Salinas as part of the agricultural industry, specializing in the packaging and shipping of fresh strawberries. In 2008, Rich and a few friends began making “barn wines” from Indian Springs Ranch grapes. Over several years Rich’s hands on efforts with his barn wines helped him fine tune his approach making MacLeod Family Vineyard wines. While Rich still works full time at his “real job”, he is regularly on scene at Mauritson Wines in Healdsburg where MacLeod wines are produced, finalizing wine making and blending decisions.

John MacLeod
John graduated from U.C. Davis with a Geology degree and immediately began working for Chevron Exploration. During his career at Chevron, he met his wife, Marjorie, and asked her to Sonoma for their first date. The rest is history. John continued working for Chevron for 31 years, raised two great kids and commuted 144 miles a day. John finished his career at Chevron in August 2014 as an Environmental Geologist. On weekends, John worked in the vineyard, had fun with the family and attended extension classes at U.C. Davis and Santa Rosa Junior College in viticulture. In his first year of retirement, John is working on certifying the vineyard as sustainable, working diligently in the vineyard and helping Marjorie and George sell wine.

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