' MacLeod Family Vineyard - 2010 Passport Weekend Pulled BBQ Pork

2010 Passport Weekend Pulled BBQ Pork

2010 Passport Weekend Pulled BBQ Pork


Adapted from the experience and imaginatin of Rich MacLeod:

I really prefer to do this in a smoker, but needed to short cut this for the Passport weekend.

Prepare the Pork:

Start with a generous pork shoulder or pork butt.  I prefer to take the bone out if necessary.  Season generously with your favorite salt seasoning (Lawry's will work, although I used a Texas seasoning called "Rib Tickler") and pepper.  I like to sprinkle fresh rosemary on the pork and rub that in.  If you like garlic, a few sliced cloves stuck into slits in the meat works too.  Truss pork if necessary and refrigerate seasoned pork overnite.

Now I really like to smoke the roast at 200F in any form of bbq smoker, but I can short cut this by using a standard propane grill with wood chips.  Ideally, the cooking process should take upwards of 6+ hours, but 2.5 hours on the grill works if you are in hurry.  Make sure to measure the internal temperature, you want this well done.

Let the pork cool.  If you have used the slow cook method, the meat should pull apart or shred easily.  If you used the shorter method, you will probably have to use a knife or clever to work the meat apart in shredded and chunk form.

BBQ Sauce.

Well, I would serve the meat dry and let my guests select from a variety of BBQ sauces.  Since we had to make this decision for you (I hate to admit this) we selected the Bullseye, Kansas City, Hickory BBQ sauce to mix with our shredded pork.  It was the best of 7 commercial BBQ sauces we tried in matching the recipe up for the 2007 Zinfandel.

I would serve the pork as a sandwhich using soft (sweet) sandwhich rolls along with cole slaw (a Southern tradition). But plating the pork plain with corn bread or polenta as a base or along side the pork does well also.



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